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נגה ברנר סמיה

Before joining Hillel Israel in 2019, Noga served as Deputy Director of BINA and Exec. Director of KolDor. Noga has an MBA (Washington U.), an MA in Jewish Education (HUJI), and was ordained by the Rabbanut Yisraelit Beit Midrash for Israeli Rabbis (Oranim/Hartman). Noga is the founder of a Jewish renewal community in Tel-Mond, where she lives with her husband and three children. 

Noga Brenner-Samia
Executive Director

קרן רשמי_edited.jpg


Keren has been involved in Jewish community life since 2003. She began by organizing student and teenage travel and educational programs. Keren has a BA in Social Sciences and an MA in Educational Leadership and Management and has worked as a Jewish Peoplehood facilitator and group facilitator.

Keren Dicastro
Deputy Director

Uri another picture 1.jpeg

Studied for 4 years in a Yeshiva in the south of Mount Hebron. He did his BA at the Shalem Center in the combined track of Jewish Thought, Philosophy and Humanities. For the last 3 years, he has taught and coordinated a variety of programs: among them Tozeret Haaretz, Ruach Tzeira, a program for the gifted in Humanities, guided reading in Greek Philosophy at the University of Tel Aviv, and more.

 Uri Carmeli
Director, Hillel Jerusalem


Orr was serving as the Jewish Agency Israel Fellow for Boston University Hillel for 2 years and was the first-ever 'Shaliach' of Triad Hillels of North Carolina. Orr holds a double degree in Social Sciences and Humanities from Tel Aviv University. He brings professional experience in high-tech and in designing educational spaces for the purpose of engaging, mentoring, and empowering young adults.


Dor is a social entrepreneur with expertise in building partnerships. Served two years as a Jewish Agency delegate to Hillel at UCSD University in San Diego, California.
Graduate of the Mandel Program for Excellence on behalf of the Jewish Agency.
He holds a bachelor's degree in social education and East Asian studies.
and Master's degree in Jewish studies. For three years he managed programs in the Tzahar-Palm-Beach partnership.
He also worked as the director of the Unistream-Amal Entrepreneurship Center in Safed.
One of the founders of "Be'it Hhamisha" - a social business for strengthening social education in the north.



Alexey Kudrik


Educator and group facilitator, Yael holds a BA in Sociology and Anthropology, Human Resource Management, and an MA  in Organizational Sociology as well as studies in group facilitation from Haifa University. Yael devoted a decade to absorbing immigrant students and their integration into Israeli society. Yael also worked at the Jewish Agency in the field of informal education in a variety of Jewish Russian speaking communities.

Orr Grosman 
Director, Hillel at
Tel Aviv University

Dor Gwieta
 Director, Hillel Tel Hai

 Yael Bullet

    Director, Hillel Technion and Haifa University



May has a B.A. in Social Work from Sapir College. In 2016 she went to be a counselor at a summer camp through the Jewish Agency and since has worked with Diaspora Jewry both in Israel and abroad. May has worked with various Jewish communities around the world and worked with a variety of different ages.


Maya has a B.A. in education and communication from BGU. She currently is studying for a master's degree in educational counseling. As a student, she was active in Hillel and participated in BCI program in California. Before Hillel, she worked in a variety of educational positions, including guiding in "Masa Israeli" (Israeli Journey) and managing the "Shnat Sherut" (Pre-Army Service Year) of "Krembo Wings" in Beer Sheva.

לי כהן

Lee served as a shlicha for the Jewish Agency at Towson University in the US.  As a shlicha she helped connect students and communities to Israel, raised awareness and strengthened pluralistic Judaism. Lee has an MA in International Business Management.

May Brown

Director, Hillel at Sapir College

Maya Rosenblum

Program Director, Hillel at

Ben Gurion University

Lee Cohen 
Director, Hillel at
Ben Gurion University

Lena has been an active member of Hillel since 2004 when she chaperoned and led a group of students from Russia on their Birthright trip. In April 2014 she made Aliya and began working at Hillel Israel.


Esther began her Hillel career in the US and transitioned into working at Hillel Israel in 1990. She worked with student leaders, participated in the March of the Living in Poland and has travelled frequently to the FSU.  Esther has a BA in Jewish Studies, an MA in Social Work and has greeted more than 1,500 groups of participants on Hillel Birthright trips!

Rabbi Goldman has been active in Hillel Israel since 1986, beginning as the Director of Hillel Jerusalem. Later he founded Hillel Centers in the FSU.  He was responsible for the expansion of Hillel Israel over the years as well as establishing new Hillel centers in Western Europe.  Rabbi Goldman was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary and holds two honorary Doctorate Degrees.

Lena Shterman

Coordinator – Initiatives for Russian Speakers

Esther  Abramowitz - Associate Vice President, Global Israel Experiences

Rabbi Yossi Goldman 

Associate Vice President Hillel International, Emeritus

Yosef first joined Hillel in 1997. He has a background in both the business and non-profit sectors and has been a business advisor to firms in Israel and the US. Yosef has an MA from the Yale School of Business Management, an MA in Jewish History, and BA in Economics from Yeshiva University.


Galit has worked for Hillel since August 2005 in the accounting department. She lives with her husband, Yossi, and five children in Efrat.


Dina made Aliya from the FSU in 1991. She has worked as managing bookkeeper since 2008. Dina is married to Boris and has three children. She lives with her family in Ma’ale Adumim.

Yosef Epstein – Associate Director of Finance

Galit Cohen

Primary Bookkeeper

Dina Kremer

Managing Bookkeeper

Benjy is new to Hillel and brings years of experience in Resource Development and education. He is passionate about Jewish identity, Jewish Peoplehood and Tikkun Olam

Benjy Maor
Director of Development & Partnerships

Board of Directors

An Israeli politician and scholar who  served in multiple ministerial and leadership positions in the Israeli government. Yossi was a significant figure in the 1990's Israel-Palestinian peace process and the initiator of Birthright-Taglit. After retiring from political life, he founded "Beilink," a business consultancy company. Yossi writes opinion pieces in Israeli newpapers Haaretz and

Yisrael Hayom.

Tomer Sharet

Investor, chairman and director of public companies. 2011 - 2019, served as Senior Vice President of the global insurance company AIG-as CEO of the International Division and CEO of the European Division in credit risk insurance. Served as CEO of EMI insurance company. Also served as CEO of the Tel Aviv Economic Company and Jaffa Development Authority. Tomer sits on the BOD of Tel Aviv-Yafo Academic College.

Tomer Sharet

Chairman of A. Mintkevitch Consulting Ltd and chair of the Board of Rafael Development Corporation Ltd.
Served as General Counsel at Israel's Ministry of Finance, chair of Israel's Securities Authority, chair of Israel's Discount Bank and Vice Chair of IDB Holdings.

Aryeh Mintkevitch

Yosef Abramowitz 2019 profile photo J cr

A former Hillel activist and Chairperson of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS), Yossi is Israel's leading solar pioneer.  Named by CNN as one of the top six leading Green Pioneers worldwide, and winner of Israel's Green Globe, he can be followed @KaptainSunshine. 


Founded and directed Melitz for 30 years , first director of Birthright Israel,  President of Hillel International and Immediate Past Chairman of Hillel Israel Board of Directors.  Author of "A Passion  For a People" published in English (2017) and Hebrew (2018).  Married to Ellen, father of 4, grandfather of 16 and great grandfather of the first 4 of his hoped for 64 great-grandchildren.

Credit: Nicole Kaplan

Yosef Abramowitz

Avraham Infeld


Yamit is a curator, consultant and producer of events to promote the designers community in Israel. 

In her past served as the Director General of the Israeli Association of Textile and Fashion.

Yamit lives in Tel Aviv. 

Yamit Newman

CPA with a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting from Tel Aviv U. Former senior partner at Cost Forer, Gabay  (part of the global accounting network - EY.) Specializing in large non-profit corporations, public companies in the field of real estate and financial corporations. Currently serves in several non-profit corporations (audit committee, finance committee, investment committee, auditing body, etc.), and a public limited company in a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Shimon Greenberg, CPA

Richy has 50 years’ experience in M&A, Corporate, Regulatory and Banking matters. A pioneering legal expert, initially in hi-tech and subsequently in cleantech and agritech, Richy is at the forefront in the development of R&D laws and regulations. He serves as legal advisor and sits on many BODs around the country.

Richard Roberts, Esq.

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